Medical Project

( 1 ) Immunotherapy for Cancer Treatment
Immunotherapy for cancer treatment (the "Project") is a joint medical project between Gentco Medical Limited and BioLife Immuno Company Limited ("BioLife"), formerly known as "Dendrix (Hong Kong) Company Limited".
This "project" can provide cancer patients with an alternative therapy, a self-healing process without going through a painful process, which is autoimmune cell therapy. Autoimmune cell therapy will open a new era of cancer treatment in the coming decades.
We would like to thank the "BioLife" team for providing valuable information, time and energy to this "project". For more details, please read the following articles;


 [ Dendrix (Eng).pdf ]



( 2 ) Namax Pharmaceutical (Proprietary) Limited
"Gentco Medical" established a joint venture with Namax Pharmaceutical (Proprietary) Limited ("Namax") in Namibia. Namax is a company incorporated in March 2014, engaged in the supply of medical and pharmaceutical products in Namibia and SADC. The company is 100% owned by Namax International Limited, a company registered in Hong Kong.
Namax has also registered related trademarks, copyright advertising logos with the Ministry of Industrialization, Trade and Small and Medium Enterprise Development (MITSMED). Namax is also listed in the Central Medical Store (CMS) purchasing system as a qualified supplier.
For more details, please read the following articles;


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